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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm wendy rieger sitting in for barbara harrison. it is thursday, july 28th, 2011. and we're going to begin this morning with a busy day for the skins. on this first day of camp, news on one of their moist infamous player, albert haynesworth. they traded him not new england patriots. in return, they get a fifth round pick in the 2013 drafts. haynesworth with signed with the skins in 2009. that contract guaranteed him $41
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million. haynesworth clashed with coach mike shanahan last year and was suspended for the last four games of the last season. and as haynesworth heads out of team, it's the same day his former teammates are getting back to work. however, center casey rabach and defensive end daniels are not in camp today. they're among the veterans who were cut this morning. elaine reyes is live at redskins park in ashburn with more on all the moves that are going on. you need a flow chart to keep up with this, elaine. >> reporter: that's right, wendy, a lot of movement going on. named redskins training camp one of the top five most intriguing to watch. now, word of the trade came very early this morning, before many here showed up. and before the trade happened it was expected that albert haynesworth was going to report to training camp today. back to the business of football at redskins park. arrivals started early for the first day of training camp. much like this time last year, the subject of albert haynesworth is top talk.
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but this time, we know he won't miss practices, workouts, or fitness tests. he now goes to new england for all of that. fans generally had the same reaction when they learned of the trade this morning. >> i think it's a good trade. i think it's good they got rid of albert. i think he was a distraction for the team. maybe he'll change his ways when he moves on, but i think it's good news for the redskins. >> that's great news. i think both teams will be much better off. redskins certainly. >> oh, well, that's football. >> if i was his boss, i would have fired him, if i could have. i'm sure he's an awesome football player, but sounded like they just had a lot of issues with him, so it's probably for the best. >> reporter: haynesworth is two years into a seven-year $100 million contract he signed in 2009 with the redkins. he made headlines in the off-season, charged in two different incidents. haynesworth settled out of court in a road rage case. he's also scheduled to go to
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trial next month after pleading not guilty to fondling a d.c. bar waitress. now, with all the latest developments last night and this morning, it's actually been very quiet here at redskins park. not a whole lot going on outside, anyway. and while it's the first day of training camp for the team, fans can start coming out here saturday morning. wendy, back to you. >> all right. going to be a big season, we hope. thanks, elaine. there are a number of new faces in that camp today. the skins just acquired josh wilson, ex-jets new york quarterback, clemmons, donte stallworth, jabbar gaffney, and defensive tackle, barry cofield. initially we heard that brandon stokley agreed to sign, but according to his agent, he has now changed his mind. the big story yesterday, of course, was not who is coming on to the redskins, but who is leaving. donovan mcnabb. they dealt their former
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quarterback to the minnesota vikings for a sixth round pick in next year's draft, and they could get another pick in the future based on mcnabb's performance in the coming season. all right. what's it going to be like there out at camp and across our area? it's not looking real clear and crisp out there, tom, it's looking kind of gross. >> you don't want to be wearing a helmet and pads in temperatures around 100 degrees. that's what it's going to be like tomorrow. but today we've got a glorious summer day underway. temperatures around the region now are into the low and mid-80s in most locations. right now reagan national is up to 86. and the humidity has crept up a little bit since yesterday, but it's still rather comfortable. it's a soft summer morning underway, and the view from space over the last 12 hours showing some showers and storms up in pennsylvania, those coming in out of ohio and from ontario. those are drifting off to the east-southeast and are passing just north of our region, but bringing some clouds through across most of maryland and
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northern west virginia. over much of southern maryland, eastern shore, and the rest of virginia, lots of sunshine right now. but there'll be some clouds moving that way as well as the afternoon progresses. so for this afternoon, we'll have those clouds drifting over the capital region, over the entire afternoon, with partly sunny and getting a little more humid. afternoon highs climbing into the low and mid-90s. and a southerly wind around 5 to 15. yes, it's going to heat up tomorrow. we'll talk about that, a look at the weekend and a peek at next week in just a few minutes, wendy. >> thanks, tom. police are investigating a deadly crash that occurred this morning in montgomery county just after 7:00 on new hampshire avenue. investigators say a small work truck and an suv were involved in this, one person was ejected from one of those vehicles. police say one person was killed on the scene. new hampshire avenue is still closed while the investigate continues. drivers can use route 108 or 198
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to get around this. right now d.c. mayor vincent gray is announcing that pay-by-phone parking meters are now available throughout the district. just register with the website park mobile and then you can use the app, the web, or even a toll-free phone call to pay for your parking meter. no more quarters. there's a 32-cent fee to deal with the credit card processing charges. if you want to register to pay mobiles by phone, go to and if you have got some unpaid parking tickets from d.c. that are just lying around, this is a chance now to get off easy. starting on monday, drivers can pay the face value of that old ticket without paying the late penalty. it only applies to tickets, however, that were issued before -- before -- january 2010. d.c. officials are hoping that this ticket amnesty will help bring in about 6 million bucks, which is needed. today we are hearing about new allegations against a local police officer who was already indicted with attempted murder
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charges. mt. rainier police officer gene gillette, he's accused of sexually assaulting a man and then shooting him as that man tried to run away. well, another man claims now that gillette pistol-whipped him while he was handcuffed and on his way back to the police station after he was arrested for an altercation at a gas station. he says he was hurt so badly, he had to have surgery. that man sued and the mt. rainier police department did settle with him. >> and i hope that they keep him locked up and throw away the key. because he is wrong for what he's doing out there. >> officer gillette remains in custody. a judge has ordered him held without bond. we are now hearing from a loudoun can county sheriff's deputy who's being call adhere row after he saved a little girl who was hanging over a three story balcony. paramedics were helping another child who had just fall orphan that balcony when the deputy noticed that the girl was now dangling from the railing of
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that same balcony. he ran up the stairs, through the living room, and out to the balcony just in time to pull her to safety. >> i tried to get a good hold of her and i was just hoping i wasn't going to slip. but she was losing grip, i couldn't let her fall with me standing there, so i pulled her over. >> the little girl said she was trying to save her cousin after he had climbed over the railing. both children are expected to be fine. the time now is 11:08. coming up, a vote expected today on house speaker john boehner's short-term plan that would raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. but what the democrats are saying about the bill's chances of passing the senate and being signed by the president, we'll hear from them. why plans are being made to destroy the
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russia has announced that it is going to sink the international space station in 2020. the russian space agency says that if the iss is left alone out there, it does pose a huge risk of becoming an enormous bundle of space junk. the iss was launched in 1998. it was originally planned to operate through 2013, but its service was officially extended last year to 2020. the russian space agency already sank one space station in the pacific. i did not know that. in 2001. trouble, awful trouble in afghanistan today.
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19 people are dead including a bbc reporter. an insurgent bomb -- set off some car bombs there. this happened in central afghanistan in the urzugan province near police headquarters. three suicide bombers blew up cars packed with explosives in three simultaneous attacks. they have expressed regret over the killing of the bbc reporter, though, saying he was not their target. right now investors around the world are anxious over this looming debt deadline. wall street has primarily been up this morning, despite four straight days of some steep losses and it may be waiting to react to a vote that comes later today on capitol hill. investors overseas, however, they have already lost confidence. many of asia's major indices closed down today, some as much as 1.5% lower, which is a big deal over there. house republicans are hoping they can prove the world wrong when speaker john boehner's debt limit plan goes to a vote later
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today. but the short-term plan, which would cut about $900 billion from the deficit, it has already hit several snags. and now it is facing criticism from democrats and even from some within boehner's own party. here's nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: the politics of chronic gridlock hurts. >> i've had kidney stones. they're easier to pass than this. >> reporter: and the prognosis from democrats is dire. >> well, the speaker's plan is on life-support and it's time for him to pull the plug. >> reporter: but house speaker john boehner claims his debt limit plan has been revived, after a big last-minute fix. republicans reworked the package and now it's projected to cut more, $917 billion over ten years. >> it is a test. this is a big step, trying to get control of our deficit and our debt. >> reporter: in an interview with brian williams for sunday's special "taking the hill: inside congress" boehner played down the loud opposition from some of his own members.
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>> mr. speaker, it is fair to say you have a bit of a rebellion on your hands? or do you feel -- >> oh, i've got a little rebellion on my hands every day. it comes with the territory. >> you're not worried? >> never let them see you sweat. >> reporter: the speaker is getting heat from senate democrats too. more than 50 just signed a letter, saying they would block his plan because it would force us once again to face the threat of default in five or six short months. majority leader harry reid wants to kill the boehner bill and replace it with his own. >> i'm disappointed. i care about john boehner. i think he's a good person. i've been disappointed that he's painted himself into this corner and it makes our job over here much more difficult. >> reporter: if the facts weren't hard enough, house republicans threw in some fiction, playing this film clip from ben affleck's movie "the town." >> we're going to hurt some people. >> reporter: and then upset democrats jumped at the chance to show it again. >> we're going to hurt some
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people. >> this is a political fight, one in which they're more interested in scoring points and hurting people and the president than they are about helping the public. >> reporter: the mess in congress has gone viral. ♪ raise the debt ceiling ♪ raise the debt ceiling >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. the house begins its day in about half an hour. plans to begin debate thon bill around 3:00 this afternoon. a vote expected between 5:00 and 6:00 this evening. the families of 9/11 victims will be meeting with attorney general eric holder next month after allegations that their phones were hacked by the tabloid, "news of the world," that now defunct newspaper also hacked into the phones of murder victims, celebrities, and the royal family. the parent's paper company, news corp. says the accusations, pure speculation. but if the allegations prove to be true, the newspaper faces civil suits from the victims' families. a new study shows there's no
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increased risk of brain cancer from teenagers who normally use cell phones. more than 350 teens with brain cancer's habits were studied and compared them to children without the disease. and they could not find more tumors in the areas of the brain receiving the highest amount of cell phone exposure. it is not unheard of for couples to gain weight, but it turns out men are much less forgiving when it comes to their partner putting on pounds. the website and cosmopolitan surveyed 70,000 people. 48% of the men say they would dump their partner if -- for gaining weight. only 20% of women said they would dump their significant other. there was no amount of weight listed in the question. they were also asked what was the ultimate status symbol? men said, a family. women said, a beautiful home. i would never dump you, i don't
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care how many pounds you put on. >> isn't that sweet? i'm told my director, kurt nielson, though, if he directs a bad show, his wife is gone. >> that's a high bar at that show. so fortunately, all of his shows are perfect. these are the kind of summer days we dream about in the middle of february when the wind is blowing and the snow is coming down. this is just a wonderful summer day we have underway. right now there's a little bit of summer haze over the monuments. that's a live picture from the city camera. it is up to 88 now at reagan national and the dew point's up to 70, so that has gotten quite a bit more humid since we started out this morning, the dew points were down into the low 60s, so the humidity has crept back in,, and that's due to a southerly wind. right now we've got a southerly wind at reagan national around 10 miles an hour. elsewhere, temperatures have hit the 80s all around the region from the shenandoah valley, all the way to the atlantic beaches, a beautiful summer day. just a few high clouds coming over, and it was very cool this
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morning, out in the mountains, it was down into the low 60s. these are the dew points now. they are climbing into the low 70s, so it has gotten quite steamy since earlier this morning. although still rather dry to our west and north. not too humid there. over the last 12 hours, we've had a cluster of showers and thunderstorms coming out of ohio into pennsylvania. those have begun to diminish quite a bit, but we are seeing the cloud cover from that quite cloudy now, western maryland throughout much of maryland and northern virginia. and right here in the washington, d.c., area, we do have just a few high clouds coming in. the eastern shore, though, still beautiful in much of virginia, not getting much in the way of any cloudiness. over the last 12 hours, though, a lot of this cloud cover continuing to roll in on an upper level flow coming in out of the north and west. here's the future weather, going forward over the next 24 hours. we'll have these clouds drifting through from time to time, throughout the afternoon. might even get a passing shower out of the mountains, but that's a small chance of that. and then later this evening, maybe a passing shower
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northeastern maryland, northern part of the eastern shore. otherwise, clouds coming through this evening. but then after midnight, we'll begin to see the cloud cover breaking up, and by dawn tomorrow, we'll have some sunshine coming back. so we'll have these clouds drifting over the metro area through the afternoon, and it's going to be more humid with the highs reaching the low to mid-90s. a southerly breeze around 5 to 15. then this evening, we'll have those clouds with us throughout much of the evening. it will be rather humid. the sun sets at 8:23. that's getting earlier and earlier. and temperatures will be in the upper 80s early evening, and then near 80 by midnight. and then after midnight, we'll see it cooling down. we'll be near the low 70s by dawn on friday. and during the day tomorrow, a hot and humid day. skins will be working out in steam heat. but fortunately, their workout's going to be in the morning and not by the afternoon, when it is going to be up around 100 degrees. and it will feel like 105 too with that humidity factored in. but thankfully, it's only going to last one day, and then we'll cool down, get a little bit less humid again over the weekend,
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just in time, i'm to be congratulated for my good sense of timing, on saturday and sunday, looking great, into the low 90s, partly cloudy both days. morning lows, low 70s. here's the extended outlook into next week. doesn't look like we'll have any storms around, except maybe tuesday night. i'm seeing a small indication we could get a passing thundershower. otherwise, a dry pattern continuing. should be a bit cooler too. tuesday, wednesday, looking nice. highs up near 90. not too humid. >> and there goes july. does august tend to trend just a slightly bit more comfortable? >> it does. these are the hottest days of the year right around now, and into august, temperatures get cooler and cooler. still ahead on "news 4 midday," "jeopardy!" host alex trebek runs down the host at the age of 71 -- mr. trebek, not the thief. thief. abut first, here's what's ht
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call jenny craig at 1-800-94jenny today. - nearly one in four children in this country struggles with food insecurity. - feeding america helps provide food to 37 million people in need, including nearly 14 million children each year. - text "feedkids" to 50555 to donate $10 to feeding america. each $10 donation helps provide 70 meals to children in need. - join us in the fight to end child hunger in america. go to to learn how to help. go to to learn how to help. our next guest has committed herself to running on every continent, in all 50 states, and here in the district of lumb columbia, she plans on running in five major marathons. please welcome brooke kiren who joins us to explain why you're doing all of this running. it's amazing.
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>> thank you. good morning. it's a pleasure to be here. >> you didn't run today in the heat? do you run in the heat? >> i do run in the heat. it's really a seven-day-a-week thing for me, the training and everything. >> do you notice? >> i do. because i have asthma. i was exercise-induced asthma as well. it's just something i put together and get through. but the heat does play a toll. i ran in the pool today. i had one of those belts on and i was going like this, so that's what i did this morning to beat the heat. >> that's good for someone in your level of fitness? you can actually get a workout? >> you get a fantastic workout from it, but it doesn't trash your body like the heat can do it shall the and you can get some great cardio you've it. >> great. so why run so much? what you doing it for? >> well, obviously, i like to run, you know that. well, for years, it was all about me, getting better, stronger, faster. and it was really ironic, because the better, stronger, and faster i got, the less my
11:25 am
running meant to me. and then one day i had this aha moment driving through for literally the umpteenth time of a poor area of alexandria, and you know, you make sure your doors are locked and you kind of feel guilty, and then you get two miles away, you unlock your doors, you forget about everyone you just passed. and one day i said, i can't do this anymore. it's time for me to step up to the plate, do something for my neighbors, and really put my money where my mouth is. so i decided to marry my two passions, yeah, really, caring for my neighbors and making the world where i live a better place and marathoning. >> and how does running do that? you raise money? >> i do. i said, okay, i need a big goal here. i need something that's kind of crazy. and i said, okay, i'm going to run a marathon on all the continents, in each of the 50 states.
11:26 am
i do one a month. every dollar i raise goes to five vital alexandria-based charities. >> that's wonderful. you were talking to tom kierein during the break. you have run on some amazing continents and in some amazing places. the great wall of china. >> yeah. >> what was that like? >> well, that's just hard to describe. it was unbelievable. it's an unbelievably massive structure. you know, obviously, it was built so invaders would have a hard time getting into the country. irregular steps, massive in height, you know, no riser -- excuse me, no landing. so if you fell, it would be -- it would be bad. >> right. wow. where else have you -- what other place really stands out for you that you think, oh, i'm so glad i did that? >> i was in airre ayers rock in australia. i was there in stonehenge.
11:27 am
and of course, the states offers fabulous runs as well. boston is a fantastic race. new york is great. but honestly, i enjoy the smaller races better. that's the time where i get into my own head and just listen to my breath, listen to my heart. i connect with what i'm doing. and it's the smaller races i really enjoy the best. >> wow, you're so lucky to be able to do that. i think what tom, you and i can run about three blocks? yeah. we run to the store. how do we send you money? how can our viewers send you money? >> i have a great website, runni >> there it is. >> thank you. there's a "donate now" button there. it's pabcked with information, loaded with pictures. kind of like a where's brooke, like where's waldo, but where's brooke around the world? i run somewhere every month. there's a trail marathon in
11:28 am
indianapolis, i'll be there. i'll be going to indy to run. >> good for you. brooke with an "e." congratulations and good luck with this. you are raising money for the charities in alexandria, virginia, here in our backyard. >> absolutely. >> which is a lovely thing to do. >> thank. >> and you're inspiring people to fitness, which is great. thank you, brooke. >> thanks for having me. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," slow ride. troublesome escalators are being replaced. not anytime soon, however, but where that work will be taking place. and how long the latest round of extreme heat will last. and the chaos overnight in
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right now on "news 4 midday," lawmakers about to make their way to the capitol in hopes of solving the debt crisis. house speaker john boehner will introduce his bill on the floor today. debate expected around 3:00. a vote could come around 5:00 this evening. training camp is officially underway at the redskins park. players gathering there in ashburn this morning. albert haynesworth not there anymore. he's gone. the skins just traded him to the new england patriots. for those looking to metro to repair some of the busiest and most problematic escalators, there is some good news, and there's also some bad news, but lest talk about the good news first. they're planning to repair and even replace some of them.
11:32 am
but it will be years. news 4's tracy wilkinson has more on these repairs and when they are expected. >> reporter: today is a very good day at the bethesda metro station, because all the escalators are working and this is highly unusual for this station. the folks who use this metro stop will tell you that most of the time, they're walking because the escalators are broken just that often. and repairing these escalators is not just about convenience, but also safety. remember last year when the escalators at l'enfant plaza gave out and sent dozens of passengers flying? that incident brought to light a number of problems with metro's escalators throughout the system. now metro's general manager is announcing that he wants all these escalators at bethesda's metro station ripped out and replaced. he will introduce the work as part of metro's six-year program in the fall. if approved, the work would not begin until 2014. bethesda's station averages about 2,400 customers a day and
11:33 am
many of those people have been getting used to walking these long escalators, because that's just how often they're out of service. the same work has already begun at foggy bottom and is also planned for pentagon and dupont circle stations. we talked to some riders to get their reaction to this new announcement. >> once in a while, you've got one or two not working. so it's a bit of an inconvenience. >> reporter: they're saying about three years, though, for the repairs. what do you think about that? >> it's too long to wait. but at the same time, going through the disruption of the repairs isn't something i'd look forward to? >> most of the metro stations i go to for most of the escalators are out. i do a lot of walking. it's great for exercise, but -- >> reporter: on a hot day you may not want to walk? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: before this work
11:34 am
can happen, it will have to be approved, but the general manager says he is optimistic that that will happen. in bethesda, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> and you certainly don't want to be hiking out of those metro stations tomorrow, because it's really going to get really nasty here. tom? >> yeah, high heat is going to be moving in tomorrow. right now, though, it's not too bad. it's a typical summer day for us here in the region. there's the cloud cover over washington. live picture from the sky watcher camera. there's the national cathedral in the middle distance, and now we have the thickening haze with the humidity increasing. so visibilities are dropping. temperatures climbing. we're now into the upper 80s throughout much of the region. right now, reagan national is at 88. while on the eastern shore, mid-80s away from the waters, and at the atlantic beaches, it's in the mid-80s. out of the mountains now, $70 to near $80. and over the last 12 hours, some showers and storms away to our north have been passing into pennsylvania, out of ohio and southern ontario. those are going to be missing us
11:35 am
and passing off to the north and east. however, northeastern maryland may get a passing shower later today. elsewhere, clouds coming in during the afternoon as highs reach the low 90s. and then, yeah, the big heat builds tomorrow. we'll have afternoon highs near 100 degrees on friday with hazy sunshine. and then on saturday, looking better. we should have some lower humidity moving in. morning lows in the 70s. afternoon highs in the low and mid-90s. and on sunday, more of the same. still not too humid, but rather humid up into the low 90s and partly cloudy. but a great weekend for outdoor summer recreation and work. as we get into next week, actually cooling down a little bit by tuesday and wednesday. highs near 90. wendy? >> thanks, tom. take a look at what happened last night in hollywood. this is outside of gromness chinese theater as a movie premiere got ugly. several hundred people gathered outside for the premiere of a documentary about a techno music festival. a crowd started getting out of
11:36 am
hand when it learned that a block party for this movie has been canceled. there is a new report this morning that says that amy winehouse's family believes the singer died because she had not been drinking alcohol. winehouse's parents told a british tabloid, "the sun," that her daughter stopped drinking cold turkey three weeks before she died. they believe it was a shock to her system. according to them, doctors had told winehouse that she needed to gradually reduce her alcohol consumption. the grammy award-winning singer was found dead in her home saturday. still no official cause of death, but winehouse did have a long and very public and torturous drug and alcohol addiction issue. the fbi is now joining the search for an 11-year-old new hampshire girl. she went missing early this week. celina cass was last seen about 9:00 monday night. when her parents went to wake her on tuesday morning, celina was gone.
11:37 am
helicopters and dogs were brought in yesterday to search the town, which is only a mile from the canadian border. celina is described at 5'5", 95 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault, she will be making a public appearance today in new york city. she'll thank her supporters. yesterday she met with prosecutors for eight hours. earlier this month, those prosecutors claimed there were inconsistencies in her story. she's accused the former international monetary fund leader of assaulting her inside his hotel room. strauss-kahn has pled not guilty to those charges. his next court date is august 23rd. the drew peterson murder trial could be in jeopardy. the former illinois police sergeant is behind bars. he's charged in the death of his third wife. but nbc news' kevin tibbles, he reports that prosecutors may not be able to use some key evidence
11:38 am
that they've been counting on. >> reporter: drew peterson has been behind bars since 2009, awaiting trial in connection with the death of his third wife, kathleen savio. she was found in a bathtub with no water. and while the coroner originally ruled the death accidental, her body was later exhumed and peterson was charged with murder. now the prosecution's case may have been substantially undermined as an appellate court has barred certain evidence from the upcoming trial. some legal experts even speculate it may not be able to go forward. >> very disappointed in our court system. it kind of makes a mockery out of everything. everything everybody stands for. >> reporter: peterson, a former bowling brook illinois police officer, grabbed national headlines when his fourth wife, stacy, vanished in 2007. he even appeared on the "today" show, proclaiming he had nothing to do with either case. >> can you look me straight in the eye and tell me you had
11:39 am
nothing to do with the death of your third wife, kathy, or the disappearance of your fourth wife, stacy. >> i can look right in your eye and say i had nothing to do with neither of those incidences. >> reporter: in 2009, illinois passed a law allowing hearsay or secondhand testimony to be allowed in cases where witnesses have been silenced. it was even dubbed the drew law. but this latest hearing prohibits some of that hearsay evidence from being used against him. including statements savio reportedly made about peterson's threats to kill her. >> this case looks a lot like the casey anthony case, in which everybody's prior beliefs -- not the evidence -- but the prior beliefs tell them there's something wrong here. >> reporter: peterson's attorney says his client is thrilled with the ruling. >> the quote was, word for word was, that's great, it's about time. you know, he wants to get to trial. he wants to get this over with. >> reporter: and throughout, while he never appeared to shy away from publicity --
11:40 am
>> you guys have a good day. >> reporter: -- peterson is fighting to stop a made-for-tv movie starring rob lowe portraying peterson. >> drew wants money? >> well, he's entitled to it. that's the american way. >> that was kevin tibbles reporting. drew peterson does go to trial as early -- as early as september. are you looking to add a four-legged friend to your family? the washington animal league has dozens of newly rescued cats and dogs that will be looking for a home. these animals were brought in from two overwhelmed shelters in west virginia a few days ago. if they had not been rescued by the rescue league, they would be put to death. it will take about two weeks to process all of them and get them ready, but you can soon take home these sweet, sweet canines and these cats and dogs and fee
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felines. the rescue league is holding an adopt-a-thon weekend on august 6th. today, "jeopardy!" host alex trebek is preparing to undergo surgery after hurting himself when he chased a woman who police say burglarized his hotel room. trebek ruptured his achilles tendon. police did eventually arrest the burglary suspect. trebek, though, says that investigators have not recovered one item that is near and dear to his heart. >> so we got most of our stuff back, except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, it's a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago, so that's gone, and the cash. >> alex trebek is expected to be in a cast for about six weeks. still ahead, made in virginia. a special look at beer, wine, and food.
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much, and it's not fair and they don't like it. an ad that features julia roberts has been banned in england. lawmakers say lancome is misleading people because it is air brushing too much. they also say an ad that featured kristi turlgton, quote, doesn't reflect reality, and is the result of excessive air brushing. british lawmakers banned the ads after parent company l'oreal refused to produce the "before" pictures, which is actually a requirement for makeup advertisers in britain. so they can prove that the thing actually works. the number of people who are seeking unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest level since early april. cnbc's seema mody joins with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning. >> very good morning to you. stocks wavering as investors weighed an unexpected improvement in jobless claim numbers against the lingering threat of a u.s. credit downgrade. while the jobs market remains sluggish, the latest data on
11:46 am
weekly initial jobless claims offered a glimmer of hope for investors. initial claims ticked down by 24,000 to 398,000 in the week ending july 23rd from a revised 422 k in the previous week. a bill to cut the u.s. deficit faces a nail-biting closed vote in congress on thursday as a top republican lawmaker fought to quell an internal debate. economic sentiment in the euro zone worsened more than expected this month with optimism fading in all sectors, data showed on thursday morning, signaling slower expansion of the economy in the second half of the year. now, we're in the middle of earnings season. let me give you some results that are coming out that have helped the market overall. bristol-myers came out with their results. a revenue growth of $952 million, coming out to 52 centsper share. we have boston scientific and astrazeneca coming out with solid earnings. overall, though, it's been a sluggish day, a somewhat
11:47 am
recovery from yesterday that we saw, where we saw a large sell-off on the dow skbroejones the nasdaq, but today holding ground. >> seema mody, thank you. in today's "wednesday's child" segment, we want to remind you of a few children you have already met who are still waiting for a home. barbara harrison has their story. >> reporter: the faces of children who wait. some of them you've met before on wednesday's child, and they are still hoping for a forever home. these photos are from a book that features children available for adoption in montgomery county. so how many children do you currently have waiting for forever homes in montgomery county? >> currently we have nine children waiting for families. >> some of them are wednesday's children we have featured them? >> four of them are. >> tell me about that. >> we have leione, who is 15 years old. she's currently stable in her placement. and what we're doing now is working with her current caregivers to make this a
11:48 am
permanent home for her. >> reporter: but not all of the children are lucky enough to be in stable situations. we have tony. tony is also 15 years old. tony has made a lot of progress in all areas. he still desires a family. >> reporter: ashley is another waiting child, who has been featured on news 4's wednesday child. >> ashley is 12 years old. ashley has made wonderful, wonderful progress. ashley is stable where she is and we're also working with her family to make that place be an adoptive resource for her. >> and what about jennifer? >> jennifer is 18 years old. jennifer is right now working on acquiring independent living skills. even though she's 18, jennifer still desires a family and wants to be adopted. >> reporter: she says these young people have challenges, and even though they're a little older now than they were when
11:49 am
you first met them, they still want permanent, loving families. >> it doesn't matter how old we are, even when we leave home, we still want to have -- when we leave home and move on towards dp dpndsy, we want to know we have a foam that we can come back to who will love us and support us. >> reporter: it's what these waiting children yearn for and deserve. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> and if you have room in your home or your heart for any of our wednesday's children, go to our home page, still ahead, virginia's wine country and some of what it has to offer. plus, tom kierein's back with
11:50 am
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want to get in on another hot trend? all you've got to do is hang around. there's one catch. you have to hang around upside down. it's called batting. all you have to do is suspend yourself upside down. that's all you have to do, like you're a bat. it's the natural progression from owling when you perched like an owl. that was the second generation of planking, where you lay facedown in odd situations. i think this is for the young. one of the biggest batting proponents out there is from our area.
11:53 am
he started a website with pictures of batting buddies ca l called something easier to do, let's drink some wine. with wint wine country has a lot more to offer and is becoming a popular destination. joining us with places to visit is la vonya of the washington -- the first place we think of is wine country, but you're saying there are some great brewery outs there? >> that's right. right around charlottesville and nelson county that they're calling it the brew ridge trail. >> i love it! how clever. >> this is a really great way to expand a visit you might be making to some of those great wineries. there are so many great breweries including blue mountain brewery. they have a gorgeous deck that looks out over the blue ridge mountains and they're brewing their own beer on sight and surrounded by hops. they're also using locally grown, grown on-site hops so
11:54 am
folks are getting something that's locally made, which is so trendy. >> and good places to eat out there? >> there are so many. and they are also really focused on locally grown food. there are so many farms. they're using locally grown produce, cheeses, meats. there's a great place in stanton, which isn't too far from affton, called stanton grocery. a great place to hit. they serve american -- these are black truffle fries. >> i love those. >> it's really pretty affordable, and you get the sort of warm fuzzies from knowing that everything you're eating is grown locally. >> that's the whole farm-to-table movement. >> and we're both vegetarians. >> which is perfect. >> this place has a lot of vegetarian food. >> french fries is a staple for me in my vegetarian diet. wine country, in addition to the breweries, it is the heart of wine country out there in the mountains. and we can't get away without talking about one major winery. >> that's right, if you're there in affton around the corner from
11:55 am
blue mountain brewery is a great winery called affton mountain winery. this place has been around for 30 years, but in the last year or so, a new family has taken it over and they're really starting to bring some changes. they're changing the estate, which is gorgeous anyway. it's almost 1,000 feet above sea level. you're really getting some of the best views of the mountains wile you're there and the wine is really good. >> also, with that elevation, you get some cooler temperatures too. so you get some nice breezes. >> and they're growing some really rare varieties, because they're up so high. >> did you get to go visit it and taste the wine? >> i did. that's a really rich region for wineries. >> i want your job. take me next time with you. thank you so much. and for more ideas for your weekend, logon to or the going out guide on thanks so much. >> thank you. let's take a look at some of the stories we're focusing on for news 4 this afternoon. set up by her ex, a woman serves months in jail for a crime she
11:56 am
did not commit. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, there are new ideas for old items lying around your house and liz crenshaw with an all-new tricks of the trade for you right now. but we just talked about the weekend, let's get the latest from tom kierein as we get deliciously close to the weekend. >> i'm told there's some interest in the weekend weather. it does look like it's going to be cooling down a little bit for the weekend, after we are now heating up. yeah, the humidity has increased. there is the live picture from the sky watcher camera now, off in the distance, kind of lost in the summer haze, is fairfax county on the horizon. and you can see, there's quite a bit of cloudiness. that has moved in here over the last couple of hours. and the temperatures are into the upper 80s, now near 90 degrees. now it's up to 91 at reagan national. good beach and pool weather, even with the high overcast, though, you can still get a quick burn. and later this afternoon, we're going to go code orange as the air pollution builds. so you have a heart or respiratory ailment, a good idea to stay inside.
11:57 am
cloud clusters passing to our north over the last several hours, up into pennsylvania. those are diminishing. but we are getting the cloud cover around the metro area. later today, we'll hit low 90s by midafternoon, and the humidity in place. and tomorrow, a hot and humid day, hazy sunshine. afternoon highs near 100 degrees. it will feel like 105 with that humidity factored in. but does look like it's going to cool down a bit for the weekend, turn a little bit less humid on saturday and again on sunday. partly cloudy both days and into next week. a subtle pattern, actually a little bit cooler tuesday and wednesday, highs near 90. that's the way it looks. see you tomorrow morning. >> thanks, tom. we've heard many stories of survival from february's devastating earthquake in new zealand. perhaps none of those stories, though, were as interesting as the saga of shaggy and daffney. they're goldfish. they were trapped in their tank when the office building where they lived crumbled in that earthquake. 4 1/2 months later, crews
11:58 am
removed rubble and reached shaggy and daffney's tank, and there they were, living and loving life and doing quite well, as you can see. experts believe they ate the algae on the tank's rocks and walls, which naturally grows, it's a naturally growing bacteria, and that may have helped keep those goldfish alive. that's "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us. tune in for news 4 at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 later today.
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